The DDNet podcast: On JRPGs, PlayStation VR, and an almighty fight over Final Fantasy XII

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And the new DDNet podcast, Digitally Uploaded, is now live! And this week, we’re talking about a subject that is very special for us all; the JRPG genre.

Chris, Alan, and Matt highlight some of their favourite JRPGs of all time, discussing what those games mean for each of them, and why they are their favourite. They also take the time to have a good old-fashioned scrap over Final Fantasy XII, in celebration of its tenth anniversary (spoiler: Matt and Chris love it… Alan, not so much).

Given that last week also brought news about PlayStation VR’s pricing and release date, the team also discuss the implications of virtual reality and why Sony’s in a good place to capitalise on that with its competitively-priced and high quality hardware.

Finally, we have some great music from Megadimension Neptunia VII and Shantae to share… oh gosh do we love the musical work that has gone into those two games.

So you can stream the podcast by clicking below. Alternatively, feel free to download the Podbean application to your iOS or Android device and subscribe to us there – each week you’ll get the podcast downloaded directly to your device that way.

And you can find our dedicated Podbean website here:

Enjoy! And be sure to leave us any comments or questions that you might have!

– Matt, Alan and Chris

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