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Ever wonder what music looks like? I’m sure we all have some idea; mine is formed from those old visualizers in Windows Media Player. But what happens if you touch the visualized music? Developed by DNV and published by Nicalis, Dimensional Intersection explores just that.

The game is described as an interactive music experience. Note that description doesn’t just say “player,” as Dimensional Intersection truly is a sensory experience for more than just your ears. The game is also designed specifically for virtual reality technology, and will be available for Steam, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR.

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The world is ever-changing, synced to psytrance/hyper-chill/psydub music from artists including Land Switcher, MONS, and Soulacybin. Hyper realistic scenes are filled with interactive realtime fractals, tunnels, 3D models, and particles. As you’re reading this you’re probably looking at the screen like wow, this writer is nuts — what on earth is she talking about? It’s a good thing I come armed with a handful of screens to visualize the experience in Dimensional Intersection:

The gameplay appears to be quite meditative, with music syncing with visual environments that are constantly evolving with the music and as the player navigates. Dimensional Intersection will be out this fall/spring (AKA that time about six months from now!), but as of now its price and rating are both unknown.

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