See the first screens of Dontnod’s upcoming RPG, Vampyr

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News by Lindsay M.

Dontnod, the studio behind critically acclaimed Life Is Strange (I mean, it was our GOTY 2015!), has released the first screenshots for its upcoming action-RPG Vampyr.

Set in 1918 London, Vampyr is set to be an incredibly immersive game steeped in vampire mythology. No sparkles here, I can promise you that. I’m also betting on an incredibly strong narrative, something Dontnod has become known for. Here is the concept trailer, which debuted last June:

London’s population has dropped as the Spanish flu wiped out vast quantities of people. The player takes on the roll of a former doctor who also happens to be a recent vampire. Every character he encounters has a different backstory, and their place in the world will affect everything. Once hunted, a person is gone forever. There’s a twist, though: feeding on human blood doesn’t only keep you alive, it unlocks your special vampire powers. Your doctor instincts remain, as you are also able to heal potential prey and craft medicines.

Exploration is only half the game, as there are times that the melee-focused real-time combat becomes imperative. By finding materials via searching or looting you can craft tools, weapons, and ammunition to develop your own unique combat style.

These first four screenshots showcase the desolate world in which Vampyr is set. It is exceptionally dark, not unexpected but enjoyable regardless. London appears as though its become a ghost of its former self, and streets that were formerly filled with pedestrians now lay empty.

Vampyr should be released sometime next year. It is expected for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

– Lindsay M.
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