A little sneak peek at DDNet e-magazine issue #2 for you

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We hope you all enjoyed the first DDNet magazine. Now we’re getting closer to publishing the second… and we’ve got the cover of it to share.

Related reading: If you missed the first issue of the magazine, catch up here!

As you can see, the topic will be about fan service, but we suspect you might be a little surprised about the content that you’ll read within. We’re looking at this as a serious subject this time around (something almost no one does), and hopefully that will generate some interesting thoughts and discussions about the topic.

And, as you can see, as of this issue all our DDNet magazine covers will star Dee Dee. She’s just too versatile!

Anyhow, enjoy the cover, have a read of the first magazine if you missed it, and let us know what you think! It’s only a couple of weeks away now.

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