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Trains will pull into (out of?) The Final Station later this year

What do you get when you take This War of Mine out of the home and onto the rails? According to developer tinyBuildGAMES, it’s The Final Station. The world is in its dying days, but you have thousands of trains at your disposal to take you as far as you can fuel them. Off the tracks, infected hordes yearn for your fresh meat. But on the tracks, you’re boss: decide whether or not to bring other survivors on board (but choose wisely as more people come with more consequences) and decide whether or not to explore abandoned stations and risk death in exchange for new supplies. The Final Station is expected to drop for PC and Mac in winter for those down under, AKA summer for those of us currently snowed under.

Desert Bus returns in VR form thanks to magician Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette, the chattier half of magicial duo Penn & Teller, is teaming up with Randy Pitchford (head of Gearbox) to develop a VR sequel to Desert Bus. Desert Bus was a mini-game featured in the unreleased 1995 Sega game Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors. The player drives a bus from Tuscon to Las Vegas. In real time. Never exceeding 45 miles per hour. Despite the rather dull premise, the Desert Bus sequel is actually one of a handful of titles that Jillette and Pitchford are creating with all proceeds going to charity. It makes sense, since Desert Bus is a favourite for fundraising.

Make your own Yarny!

Yarny is a protagonist that I love prior to even touching the game in which he stars, Unravel. I’ve been known to blather on about my love of Yarny before, and when this video popped up in my Twitter feed this week I nearly fainted of happiness (or perhaps it was lack of food – it was lunch time, after all). You don’t even need to knit or crochet to create your very own Yarny, which is a blessing for those of us who have taken up and discarded both craft forms a handful of times each. You’ll need some big, fluffy red yarn; white yarn; armature wire for the skeleton, pliers, scissors, and a paper clip. Follow the instructions in the video above, and feel free to share your Yarny-rific creations with us in the comments, on Facebook, or via Twitter!

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is available in the App Store

The most adorable farming sim series to date is finally on iOS, and we here at DDnet are beyond thrilled with the news that Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has hit the App Store worldwide. It is the game we know and love, yet not the game we grew up with: Seeds of Memories is made by Natsume, the company that used to distribute Harvest Moon titles, instead of Marvelous Entertainment, the company who developed the original games. That being said, it feels Harvest Moon through and through! It’s also not the first Harvest Moon title developed by Natsume. We will have a review up shortly, but until then trust me when I say it’s well worth picking up if you prefer virtual farming to sleeping – and don’t we all?

Does any of this news tickle your fancy or make you steaming mad? Let us know in the comments! And meet us again next week for a new edition of Catch-up coffee Monday.

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