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This Week in Apple TV news

Developers discovered this week that the new Apple TV has a limit to how many controllers can be attached at once: two. As I previously discussed in depth, Apple is not trying to make the Apple TV a console gaming machine; two players seems more than sufficient for something with its limitations. Apple claims the Apple TV is the future of television, not the future of gaming. But the more important discovery is this: Harmonix’s Beat Sports for the Apple TV is getting some music from Parappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura, and you can listen to them now! Check out SoundCloud to listen to Huge Hug 5.0 and Speed Fighter 7.0. Beat Sports is be an Apple TV exclusive rhythm sports game, so Matsuura’s music should fit right in.

Who doesn’t want a new Minecraft Story Mode trailer?

The answer better be nobody, but if you don’t want a new one… well, we’re talking about it anyway. Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1: The Order of the Stone has a shiny new trailer to keep our minds where they should be: focused on the October 13 release. This new trailer explains a bit of backstory, but mostly I am in awe of the motion they’ve been able to give the sprites. Oh, and that diamond castle? I must build that in Minecraft immediately. Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 will be released on just about every current system imaginable.

Twisted Pixel splits from Microsoft

What Microsoft taketh, Microsoft giveth back. It happened first when they bought out Bungie, then Bungie later split back into its own company independent of Microsoft. And it’s happened again. Microsoft purchased Twisted Pixel – the developer of Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, Gunstringer, and Lococycle – back in 2011, but IGN is reporting that the company has now left Microsoft’s hold to become an indie developer once more. John Bear, one of Twisted Pixel’s founders, has said that the dialogue was always there in the background that they could return to being an independent studio. Bill Muehl, executive producer, has said the studio will continue to have a strong partnership with Microsoft but that they are also looking forward to new relationships (and new platforms).

Pokemon Butts become the focus of a new line of merchandise

Pokemon butt pillows. Pokemon butt charms. Pokemon butt cups. These items will soon be available to buy, which is odd enough, but the really strange part is that they’re actually kind of adorable. The Pokemon Company is releasing a line of merchandise based on the rear ends of Pokemon. Other items include keyrings, pouches, magnets, bags, boxer shorts, and cards.

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