There’s new Final Fantasy XV screens! There’s new Final Fantasy XV screens!

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Did I mention that there’s new Final Fantasy XV screens? But before we get to them, let’s not forget the “Dawn” trailer that Square Enix showed off at Gamescom last week:

The wonderful thing about this trailer is that’s it’s essentially a prequel to the game. The trailer’s description reads: “The destiny of the stars is set in motion 15 years before the events of FINAL FANTASY XV. As the shadow of turmoil is cast over the land, there is hope on the horizon as an unbreakable bond is forged between a father and son, and the light of a new dawn rises on a hero.” We start off by seeing a young Luna trying to escape a red-clothed guard. The trailer then cuts to King Regis standing in the rain beside a car with a young Noctis clutched to his chest. There are three giant figures glaring down at the scene, but we are yet to learn who (or what) they may be.

And now to the new screenshots: there are three of them, each featuring a different location. The first has a paved road cutting through heavily-forested mountains; it also gives us another glimpse at (an adult) Noctis with three of his companions. The second is of an underground dungeon, and has some amazing light rendering along with vivid detailing. The third screenshot is Lestallum, a city in Duscae.

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We’ve been reporting on FFXV for a few years now, but it seems like the game is finally (almost) within reach!

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