Looking for a game to play? 2,400 DOS games were just made browser compatible and free

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News by Matt S.

Here’s a nice bit of news for fans of retro games – around 2,400 classic DOS games are available to play for free via your browsers.

This is courtesy of the Internet Archive – a great organisation dedicated to preserving the history of digital media. The emulation that enables browser play is likely to still be buggy, but it allows you to play on just about any browser and is certainly easier than messing around with some of the DOS emulators out there to get the games working offline.

You’re looking from Doom clones to classic RPGs like Eye of the Beholder and early strategy games like Master Of Orion. There’s Ys, Wizardry and Ultima. Or to put it another way – there are enough classic games in this lot that you probably won’t need to play any new games in 2014 if you’re so inclined.

Related reading: Our Wizardry game reviews. That’s just some of the stuff available in this library of 2,400 games.

The list of games is available here. Happy 2015 gaming, indeed.

– Matt S. 
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