DDNet has a Steam curator page. We’ll tell you what games to like!

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News by Harvard L.

We’ve been a little slow to create our own Steam Curator page, but we’re up on there now! Our Curator page joins our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages as we slowly get on board with all this social media stuff.

In all seriousness, Curator pages are a great way to help discovery on Steam, which is getting harder and harder as the platform is loaded up with junk. Then again, Jim Sterling’s best videos are about the junk, so it is arguably a good thing. It does make finding new games to play difficult, though. Especially if they’re games from small developers with smaller advertising budgets.

If you haven’t looked much into the Curator pages yet, they work like this – you find a Curator who has a similar taste in games to you, and then you follow him/ her/ it, and from that point on you’ll have a tailored feed of recommended games sent directly to you through Steam. Because it’s entirely opt in, so long as you follow the right folk, then you’re going to have a great resource of suggestions and links to help you decide what to purchase next (or add to your ever-growing backlog during Steam sales).

We hope you’ll like our recommendations. When it comes to PC games we prefer to support the indie and arthouse scene, as you’ll see on our Curator page already. We’re hoping that over the long term the stuff that we recommend there works with our reviews to provide you all with coverage of stuff that the larger publications won’t even mention.

So please do follow us, and let us know what you think!

– Harvard L.

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