Gadget Review: ENHANCE GX-MP1 Gaming Mouse Pad

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Review by Nick H.

I would say that of all the different accessories people use for PC gaming, the mouse pad is probably the most overlooked. Speakers, headphones, keyboards, controllers and mice have the bigger sticker prices and because we interact with them more directly, they also get a more attention. But a good mouse pad is still a very desirable accessory and the ENHANCE GX-MP1 Gaming Mouse pad would not be considered revolutionary by any means, but it is a well constructed pad that does exactly what you need it to.

There are really only a handful of basics you have to look for when shopping for a mouse pad. You need a surface that suits your needs, and then you need to consider size and durability. This particular mouse pad ticks those boxes and has a couple of other nice extras as well. First, the size is worth noting. It is not quite as large as a full gaming mat, but this is still oversized (12.6 x 10.6 inches), which is handy if you have a large enough surface for it. I absolutely hate running out of real estate during a busy game of StarCraft, and that was never a problem with this mat.

There are two halves to the GX-MP1. The top side is a smooth fabric surface that feels good when sliding the mouse about. There is no friction to speak of and all of my mice tracked effortlessly on the surface. And it has a nice design aesthetic, for people who care about how their equipment looks. On the bottom side of the mat is a rubber base that does not slip. I used this on a trio of different surfaces. My primary computer desk is fairly textured wood. I also keep a table next to my chair that is very smooth, polished wood. I also sometimes have a tray on my lap made of plastic. The rubber gripped all three surfaces without slipping regardless of how much movement I was making with my mouse and the side of my hand.

Last but not least are questions about durability. Of course, the real test will come with time, but it is promising that the manufacturer offers a three year warranty on it. It certainly feels durable. I gave it a great deal of use over the week with a variety of mouses, surfaces and angles. The outer edge is stitched quite nicely, so fraying should not be a concern. I rolled it up, twisted the mat into a variety of different positions and it went down flat on the table without any sign of wrinkling or damage each time.

While the GX-MP1 is not bringing anything particularly new to the table, everything that the Enhance Gaming Mouse Pad does, it does well. I particularly liked the larger surface area and how well it stuck to different tables, providing a smooth and accurate surface while playing.

– Nick H.
US Editor

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