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Appearing to be a serendipitous cross pollination among Dark Souls’ difficulty, A Link to the Past’s immortal character mobility and top-down aesthetic, and Shadow of the Colossus’ quest to impale gigantic beings to impress some comatose girl’s over-principled step-dad (I know that’s not the story, but just roll with it), Titan Souls looks to be absolutely mental with challenge and exploration.

With only a single arrow that can be summoned back into the hero’s hand, you will explore ancient ruins, uncover titans, and presumably trip over your own feet as your high spirits are dashed by fear and second thoughts of changing your vocation to Grave Inspector after said titans slam their closed stone fists a mere meter from your sore adventurer’s feet.

TS will be released on Steam, Playstation Vita, and Playstation 4 sometime in the optimistic (first quarter) months of 2015. So dump all the loose change and beer caps out of your quiver; you’re going to need plenty of space for courage alongside that single arrow.
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