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Rising Star Games, having teamed up with German studio Rat King Entertainment, continues to honour its objective of bringing the best of indie development to gamers around the globe with TRI, an artful first-person puzzle adventure with brains and beauty.

In the world of the Old Gods, you create magical triangles that can be used to solve puzzles and traverse the landscape, a Japanese inspired environment wherein you hunt for mystical totems and learn abilities such as reflecting light, scaling sheer heights, and defying gravity – all while following the tracks of a divine fox. 

According to Martin Defries, Managing director of Rising Star Games: “Working with Rat King Entertainment on TRI has been an immense pleasure. The Rat King team should be really proud of what they’ve created – without a doubt, this is a game that’s as challenging as it is unique and stylish.”

There’s no doubt that the art design and the luminous colours that infuse it with such an eye-catching property are wondrous. But what’s most intriguing is the unspoken purpose for pursuing the fox. With the game being on display at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany the 13-17 August, I guess we may soon find out.

-Jedediah H.

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