Want a copy of Demon Gaze on PlayStation Vita? We have two to give away!

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Competition by Matt S.

Demon Gaze is an upcoming dungeon crawler that is being brought to us by NISA. As with classics such as Wizardry, or more modern takes such as Etrian Odyssey, players explore deep, dangerous dungeons, slaughtering monsters and earning loot that helps them delve even deeper.

Demon Gaze is an especially gorgeous example of the genre, with one of the finest art styles that I’ve ever seen in a game. We have a review shortly, but in the meantime, NISA has been kind enough to supply us with two physical copies of the game to give away. We can ship anywhere in the world, so everyone can enter!

To enter to win yourself a copy, all you need to do is follow the link to the survey below and fill it out. You’ll be added to our weekly mailing list for our newsletter. In addition, the final question of the survey will ask you to do one of three things:

1) Design your ideal Demon Gaze character class; In Demon Gaze you create a wide range of characters, such as Paladins (who are good at defending their allies), Rangers (who are good at ranged attack), Healer (self explanatory, really). We’re asking you to design your own character class here! Tell us their strengths, their weaknesses, and why you’d love to see them in the game. Extra points if you also draw what the character would look like and link us to that image. Check the website for more ideas.

2) Design your ideal Demon Gaze demon; these demons form the core of the game’s experience, where you’ll need to fight them, and then they’ll join you as an ally. We’re asking you to design a demon, complete with personality and backstory. Again, extra points if you also draw the demon and link us to the image. Check the website for more ideas.

3) Finally, you can take a screenshot of your favourite JRPG. It can be any game. It can be any scene from that game. The basic goal here is to make us laugh, or cheer, or want to play the game ourselves!

We will pick out the best two entries and they will win a copy of the game. So get creative, and good luck!

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