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NIS America is re-releasing one of the most outlandish shows it has published yet – Arakawa Under the Bridge. The publisher announced today that the standard edition of the show’s second season (titled Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge) would be seeing a release in North America on April 29th on both DVD and Blu-ray.

In case you missed out on the show when it aired in late 2010, Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge is the sequel to the original romantic comedy series and centers around the lives of now-lovers Rec and Nino. The former is a university student and an heir to his family’s company while the latter lives under a bridge and believes she came from Venus. The second season promises romance, threats of thermonuclear warfare, weight obsession, haunted houses, interstellar travel, and the return of a certain rock star (by which I really mean a star that “rocks”; see above).
The package’s two disks will contain 13 episodes as well as bonus content such as commentary from series creator Hikaru Nakamura and the voice actors. The whole package will retail for $49.99.You can find additional details on NISA’s website.
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