The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is off to a great start, says Ubisoft

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News by Matt S.

We are fans of Ubisoft’s The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, and in our recent review we argued that it’s one of the better examples of a free-to-play game.

And it seems that the balance and effort that the publisher put into making something of a fair, high quality has paid off; Ubisoft today announced that the game has hit 1.5 million registrations.

According to the press release: Players have plundered more than 29 billion pieces of gold in 790 000 player-created castles during the 28 million hours they’ve put into the game. Fans have also taken to Twitch, streaming more than 3,360 hours, which equates to 14 days of non-stop looting!

Those are impressive numbers, undeniably so. The big question is, of course, whether Ubisoft can maintain a high number of concurrent players online at any one time, and whether it can continue to find more players in the weeks and months ahead.

There’s also no mention on how much money Ubisoft has made from the game, and whether its monetisation strategy has not been so generous that no one has bothered to pay for what must have been a reasonably expensive project to produce.

– Matt S. 
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