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#MonMonth. That’s the hashtag you’re going to want to use this month!

Perhaps I should explain a bit more. DDNet friend, Anne (of Chic Pixel fame), organises a community play-a-long each month, where she’ll specify a game genre, and everyone writes about their experiences playing a game in that genre on social media and the like.

Previous months have included dating sim month (I played Love Plus), but this month the theme is Monster Hunter and its clones (Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, Ragnarok Odyssey). It’s a tough month for finding time for games, what with Dark Souls 2 and Atelier Escha around the corner, but nonetheless, if you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter style of gameplay, then jump on Twitter with the hashtag #MonMonth and join in the conversation.

Lots of people are already on there looking for allies in the never ending conflict against big beasties, so here’s a good chance to find some expert help to get through the tough missions, too!

I’ve decided to keep playing Toukiden for the month, by the by. Man I love that game.

– Matt S
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