DDNet’s Games of the year 2013: 3DS Game of the Year

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A couple of months ago we asked you to vote on your favourite games of the year (up to the end of October, except for the blockbuster of the year award, which is still running now on the site). You’ve voted and now, in the coming weeks, we will unveil the results.

The process: Earlier in the year we asked you, our readers, to rank nine different games per category in order of preference (or how interested you are in a game, if you haven’t played it before). We have taken those rankings, averaged them up, and the resulting list below are the top four games – three runners up and the winner.

The 3DS is a powerhouse of a console and has seen no end of quality games released in 2013. But there can only be one winner… the big question is whether it was a Nintendo-published title or a third party game that picked up the gong.

Runners Up

Etrian Odyssey IV: The RPG for hardcore RPG fans, Etrian Odyssey IV is a dungeon crawler in the purest sense; players will form a party of heroes and the descend into labyrinths filled with incredible danger, amazing loot, and killer traps. Backed by a brilliant soundtrack and gorgeous art work, Etrian Odyssey is an in-depth and lengthy quest that is nearly impossible to put down.

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Attack of the Friday Monsters: Attack of the Friday Monsters has been a finalist across multiple categories this year, and with good reason – it’s a brilliant little adventure game that’s neither pretentious nor simple. It’s a textbook case of how to craft a compelling narrative… and also to know your boundaries. This is a game that doesn’t outstay its welcome, but rather presents you with a rich experience that leaves you hoping for more.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf: What a game Animal Crossing is. Let it get its hooks into you and it will last years, and if you play it, it’s likely it will get its hooks into you. Why? Because it has a simple, elegant charm that is quite timeless and you’ll quickly develop an attachment to your little village and its oddball inhabitants.

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Fire Emblem Awakening: I don’t think this will be a surprise to anyone. Fire Emblem Awakening is both accessible, but offers enough depth to satisfy strategy veterans. It has a solid narrative, but doesn’t let that narrative get in the way of plenty of gameplay. It looks gorgeous, has a spectacular soundtrack, and is very replayable thanks to cheap DLC and multiple difficulty options.

In short, it’s a game for everyone.

(Read our review here)

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