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The improved conditions of the Japanese Yen has helped Sony realise a profit for its business for the past financial year quarter.

Total revenues increased by 13 per cent year on year to ¥1712.7 billion ($17.3bn US), thanks in part to the improving exchanges of the Japanese Yen, as well as the sale of Sony Pictures Entertainment music catalogue, at $106 million. Operating income meanwhile increased by ¥30.1 billion to ¥36.4 billion ($367m).

The PlayStation division itself saw a significant decline in operating income, posting a loss of ¥14.8 billion ($149m). It’s important to note that this is attributed to costs associated with the PS4 development and will likely result in operating losses from the PlayStation division for the year.  Sales themselves were flat at ¥117.9 billion ($1.2bn US).

According to its report, Sony expects the games business’ sales to be up considerably for the full financial year.

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