You can buy Earthbound on the Wii U for $9.99 right now!

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What just might be the most anticipated Virtual Console release that never happen on the Wii, has at long last arrived on the Wii U Virtual Console: Earthbound. The cult classic that has only been available via physical copy outside of Japan – typical resale value soars above $100 USD – is now available for a mere $9.99 USD.

If you have never gotten the chance to play this beloved title, there is no better chance than now. The game’s wit and charm are still just as relevant today as they were back when it made its original SNES release, all those many years ago. This cult classic is one of the finest titles in Nintendo’s catalogue. Just beware of the crazed blue cultist with paintbrushes – they’re a nasty lot.

Also note if you’re in Australia this is the first time you’ve ever had the opportunity to play this game. The fact that Twitter has filled with people complaining about the price is pretty sad with all that in context, really.

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