Review: The Night of the Rabbit (PC)

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Daedalic Entertainment has done an excellent job of providing games that help show that while point-and-click adventure games are no longer as prevalent in video gaming as they used to be, the genre is far from dead either.

The Night of the Rabbit is a tale that follows a young boy named Jerry Hazelnut, who is nearing the end of his summer vacation. What follows for Jerry is a fantastic journey into a world filled with magic and exploration.

The Night of the Rabbit plays like you would expect any other point-and-click title to, where you interact with people and objects in your environment, participating in a story while trying to solve puzzles via spells, collecting objects and doing the bidding of others. Some of the puzzles were more difficult to solve than others, with one or two in particular proving a good deal more abstract than I would have liked, but overall the game plays out nicely over roughly fifteen hours without getting players too stuck.

The music and sound effects are good, and the voice acting generally excellent – and that is a good thing because there is a lot of dialogue in this game. In fact, this may be the largest title of Dadalic’s I have played to date, and that is a good thing because the journey itself is actually quite entertaining. Jerry is a likeable young protagonist who you care about quite quickly and throughout the story.

The art style really resonated with me as well, with some excellent animations – especially Jerry’s. The use of colour and the almost painting-like appearance of it all leaves a pleasant, lasting impression.

Beyond the journey itself, there are some extra things to do and collect along the way. The most notable of these is a game called quartets, which is played with cards – including some you can collect during the adventure. The tale, art and characters are best described as enchanting, and overall this game helps to prove that there is still life in the point-and-click adventure genre.

– Nick H
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