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Find puzzle/platformer Rochard a little too easy? Well get ready, Hard Times are on the way.

Hard Times is the new DLC for Rochard and it seriously cranks the difficulty on a quartet of new maps designed to drive you up a wall, uh, I mean challenge you.

Titled ‘Hard Times’, the new content will be available soon and includes four new, incredibly challenging puzzle levels: ‘Container Chaos’, ‘Shaft Shuffle’, ‘Brainyard’ and ‘Assembly Line’. These levels were created as a response to fans that found the original stages a bit too ‘easy’. The ‘Hard Times’ content is designed to use all of the existing game mechanics, with an emphasis on puzzle-solving as opposed to combat, and offers a difficult test for even the most experienced players.

The new content will be available ‘soon’ on Windows PC, Mac and Linux based systems.

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