The weekly discussion: Your gaming New Year Resolution

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Digitally Downloaded is back from our break and will resume normal reviews and so on from Monday!

In the meantime let’s kick off our first weekend discussion for the year, and let’s make it an obvious one: what’s your gaming New Year Resolution? Is it to finally knock off some of that backlog, limit the number of games you play, or just knuckle down and get that dream games room set up?

Let’s see if we can actually see these resolutions through this time!

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  • It's just nowhere near as difficult as people make it out to be. The Ninja Gaiden series is by far much more difficult, seeing how it takes pure skill to beat, where Demon's Souls is more of a build/grind your way to victory type of game.

    This was the second time I've been through Demon's Souls though. My first go was a 45 hour go that ended with me trading my PS3 up the a Slim 350 GB/PlayStation Move bundle, in which I lost my game save (yes, it was before the PS+ Cloud).

    Thing is, my first character was a Royalty build with more of a ranged/magical nature. This go around, I went with a straight up Strenth/Dexterity build so I could use the largest swords in the game to destroy everything in my path. If you really want to play Demon's Souls, that's the way to go! πŸ™‚

  • I dunno, I always felt like Demon's Souls was the fairest difficulty out there. The NG games have always been more about pattern memorisation – that's an illusionary difficulty, where Demon's Souls can still kill you in boss battles when you know the patterns and have really levelled up your character.

    That's just me perhaps, but I haven't come across a game that gets difficulty right quite like Demon's Souls.

  • For me, it's about getting to and through my backlog. In 2012 I attempted to hit up more big release titles than in years past, and did so – but at the expense of other games I picked up used or 'later' and never got to. not off to a good start this week though – i've been off work and mostly playing Guild Wars 2 and getting my Magic: The Gathering decks and collection updated. πŸ˜›

  • Oh, I'd put them in equalling value. The real difficulty of Demon's Souls comes when you get into the first NG+ and all of the enemies gain a 40% boost – that's really fun. Gaining levels takes entirely too long (if you're around Lv. 100) and you just have to play perfectly to get over that second 'hump'. Love it!

  • Mine's similar. I'm not going to buy any new games until Far Cry 3 gets reduced to Β£10 or until the Steam Thanksgiving sale, whichever comes first.

    It makes me uncomfortable to have a large backlog – almost like I'm not showing proper respect to the guys who put so much effort into producing these things – so I always try to put a few months aside to play what I've already got. Having said that, I'm weak. Oh, so very weak. I'll probably last a fortnight.

  • You hit all three of mine in your post. Need to get back to unpacking, cleaning up and get the office in better shape for both work and gaming. It's shaping up nicely with a 32" TV, 20" Monitor, Wii and my laptop. Am looking at different mounting options for the tv along with a recliner. It would be cool to be able to swivel the TV at an angle and use the recliner for Wii or even Steam's Big Picture with my 360 controller attached. πŸ™‚

    I'm also trying to cut down on game purchases until more of the backlog is at least started.

    As for the backlog, I think narrowing the focus will help. My time is limited to begin with and if I spread it thin with too much variety then I don't make any progress..

    Am about a third through Curious Village at the moment and am trying to keep it going before I get distracted. After that I'll finish up Home (it's very short) and maybe Bastion before getting to Diabolical box. Also need to throw Link's Awakening back in there too.

  • Yeah, I know… Am about half way through at Catfish Maw, playing it from time to time. Ran out of bombs, which you know you need there, so I'm off on a hunt for more..

    Great game though. Just wish some of the text dialogue wouldn't display _EVERY_ time or have a way to cancel it. You know, when you get the acorn, etc..

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    Matt S wrote, in response to Robert:

    You still haven't played Link's Awakening? :O ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL πŸ˜€

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  • I know what you mean. Definitely Link's Awakening is a little raw by Nintendo's standards, and some usability elements were fixed in later games, but it is a classic for a really good reason, it has a soul that I struggle to find in almost all the post-Ocarina of Time games.

  • You know, I was not a huge fan of the original. I won it and the first couple of expansions and spent some time on it when I needed an MMO fix and let my WoW subscription go, but it never just quite 'stuck' for me.

    I am really enjoying GW2 though, which does feel a lot more like WoW, but with a more 'alive' world from what I have seen (lots of timed/spawning events, though they probably occur a bit too often). Really a lot of fun so far though

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