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Razer’s Project Fiona is now a very real tablet/gaming device- and it’s looking pretty darned slick.

The device runs off of Windows 8 and is basically a full gaming PC shoved into a tablet. There are a bunch of expected applications and add-ons like docking stations (to make the device into an actual laptop), but maybe the most intriguing of the planned peripherals is the Gamepad Controller.

With the Gamepad attached, the Edge basically becomes a handheld console (albeit a pretty big one) that plays PC games. The addition looks to have a very similar form factor to the PlayStation Move controller set (as MCV points out), which can only be a good thing.

Now the down side- this baby is expensive. Not completely insane gaming PC expensive, but still costly enough to take it way out of what a traditional handheld like the PSV or 3DS might cost. Honestly, that was expected, but a small part of me was hoping to at least see the Fiona (or Edge as it is now) clock in right around $500-$750 USD. Not the case though.

Actually, try almost doubling that.

MCV is reporting that the gaming tablet will offer a pair of models; an ‘entry level’ unit that will run you a cool $999 USD and a deluxe that’ll cost $1200. In all fairness, the specs are very solid (click here) and the Edge actually does a bunch of very cool things like transforming from laptop to handheld to TV screen. Running actual PC software is pretty attractive as well and that much functionality means that the Edge could fill in a lot of spaces for active PC gamers (including taking the place of a Steam Box since it hooks up to the tele).

So what say you gaming public? Would you pay a premium price for a little transformable PC gaming on the go?

Source: MCV

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