Pandora’s Tower coming to North America

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Pandora’s Tower is finally making its way to North America, according to an announcement by XSEED this morning.

This is exciting news for fans of the Nintendo Wii as Operation Rainfall had been geared at Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles. The latter two were brought to North America some time ago, but Pandora’s Tower had been relegated to releases in Japan in 2011 and Europe in early 2012 with no indication that there would be a North American release.

While no specific date was given, the announcement was for spring of 2013 – so closer than expected!

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  • I absolutely cannot wait!

    I'm a big fan of Pete Davidson's work and he's written quite a bit about the game and my hype (then sadness) for the game is immeasurable.

  • XSeed. Fantastic. Always keeping their under-served customers in mind.
    Two takeaways:
    1) Last Story must have done quite well indeed for them to take the chance on this title of lesser pedigree (Last Story after all had the father of Final Fantasy behind it)
    2) There goes my theory that Pandora's Tower HD Remix for Wii U :p

    With all the positive coverage they will receive for this move, coupled with the fact there is NO competition (least of all from Nintendo itself) on the platform, Pandora's Tower will surely do quite solidly. Definitely helps that many importers have praised it as super-weird and a lot of fun!

  • I'm wondering if it will be some special edition, like they did with The Last Story. Now, I will say that if they don't do a special edition package, I would LOVE to see it release at $29.99 like the 2nd print run of The Last Story is currently selling for.

  • I would be more likely to bet on the latter. I suspect this is going to be a small-scale release (it certainly was in Europe and Australia) compared to the other two games.

    So make sure you get in early and don't miss out on a copy for yourself!

  • Theres gotta be a collector's market for a fancier (posters, doilies, etc) sku.
    Would be a limited run for sure tho (hmm perhaps should grab Xenoblade and Last Story specials, while they are still affordable).
    Big kudos to Xseed for their release strategy with Last Story.

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