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If you have been paying attention to the independent video game scene, you may have heard of a game called Antichamber. Originally named Hazard: The Journey of Life, the game first made a splash in the Make Something Unreal competition of 2010 for its seemingly impossible geometry and mind-bending puzzles that did not follow the rules of Euclidean geometry. For the next two years, the one-man development team of Alexander Bruce showed various iterations of Antichamber at multiple expos, hoping to get enough feedback in order to truly make the game the best it could be. It seems that Alexander Bruce has finally found enough feedback, as he announced to website Polygon that Antichamber would officially release the game on January 31st, utilizing the popular digital distribution system Steam.

When speaking to Polygon, Alexander Bruce discussed the complexities of making a game like Antichamber. “There’s no roadmap for how to effectively create a game like Antichamber,” starts Alexander Bruce. “It was just a long process of experimenting, failing and experimenting again, over and over until it eventually worked…I think about the world in a certain way, so I would build the game assuming that others would think like that too, but every time I showed the game off at conventions I’d realize how wrong many of my assumptions were. Then I’d have to go back and remodel parts of the game based on how people actually interacted with it.”

Those hoping for new media of the game originating from this announcement are unfortunately out of luck; while there appears to be a release trailer (viewable below), it is simply a re-upload of a previous trailer. While that is disappointing, the far better news of the January 31st release vastly outweighs the negatives of no new media. For those that have not heard of Antichamber, then watch the trailer below for a small taste of what is in store;

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