The best games of 2012: Best Mobile Title

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Through the month of November, we asked for you to vote for your favourite games of the year. You did (and in incredible numbers – thank you for that), and now it’s time to announce the finalists and the winners. Each day we’ll be revealing a new category.

How it works

The five games you’ll see below are the top five games for each category based on the reader’s votes. They are listed in no particular order. The final game is the winner.

If there are six games listed, then there was a tie for the 5th finalist in that category.

We’d love to hear what you think about each category, so please do let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Best Mobile Title

The Finalists:
The World Ends With You – Proving once and for all that the iPhone and iPad are more than capable of turning a great console game into a great mobile game, The World Ends With You has lost none of the charm and challenge that made it such a cult classic on the Nintendo DS.
Super Hexagon – Anyone who thought that mobile devices did little more than play time wasters clearly never played Super Hexagon. Here is a game that comes with old-school, genuine challenge. 
Angry Birds Space – That’s not to say that the iOS didn’t also feature some brilliant time wasters in the last year. Angry Birds Space took the classic Angry Birds formula that millions of people have loved, and reworked in such a way that everyone just had to get addicted all over again.
Fortune Street Smart – It’s like Monopoly, but better. Fortune Street Smart is a mobile take on a board game series that hit the mainstream on the Wii with a Nintendo character crossover (Fortune Street). On mobile the maps lacked the Nintendo themes, but the content was much the same – challenging and rewarding.

Avernum IV – The iPad now has an excellent version of Baldur’s Gate, but the voting closed before that game was released. For the time leading up to the release of Baldur’s Gate, Avernum IV was the go-to game for a classically-themed, retro-styled western RPG. And it is incredible.

The Winner:


Bastion deserves the award simply for the commentary that plays in the background as players explore and fight enemies. It’s an incredible use of such a common feature in sports games and the like, but rarely applied to RPGs. It works so well I would not be surprised to see the style aped in more games in the future.

Of course, that’s not the only thing to love about Bastion. From the striking visual style to the tight controls, Bastion is an epic adventure in every sense.

It plays incredibly well on the iPad, too, setting a whole new standard for what we can expect from Apple’s platforms in the future.

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