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The latest downloadable content brings the western-tilted Otomo Clan to the battlefields of Sega’s Shogun 2.

Dedicated to converting their countrymen to Christianity, the Otomo clan adopts gunpowder based weapons and western influenced technologies. Along with that they also have brand new units and buildings, a new trait, and a custom tech tree. They also might be less missionary and more televangelist (even though they don’t actually have TV’s per say) because the Otomo’s can raise war-funds at a “surprising rate”.

The Gunpowder clan pack is available for download right now on the PC for $4.99 USD and $6.49 AUD. It should probably be noted too that the pack also includes a bunch of bug fixes and improvements that will also be available as a separate (and free of charge) download for those that don’t pick up the pack.

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  • I really need to play Shogun 2, if only to see how historically accurate it is.

    Based on that above, it would seem fairly accurate. The Otomo clan was one of the most technologically advanced through the Sengoku period of Japan, as it was one of the first to establish trade relations with the Portuguese. And it did indeed convert to Christianity – from memory the Otomo leader at the time was Sorin, and he was converted by the… Jesuits?

    Time to Wikipedia to see if my own history is accurate…

  • I know painfully little about old Japan. I know it's pretty factual, but this in particular almost seems like fiction doesn't it? Like an alternate reality kind of thing- crazy stuff.

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