New character announced for Sacred Citadel

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The Khukuri Shaman joins the cast of the side-scrolling action title based on the Sacred universe- Sacred Citadel.

Fierce Grimmoc warriors have almost brought the companions to their knees. The Safiri Warrior is overwhelmed by the sheer number of onrushing fighters, and his health is rapidly decreasing. In comes the Khukuri Shaman – quickly, she casts a spell to heal her party members. To counter the overpowering Grimmoc horde, she then rushes into battle to deal out crackling energy bolts with her magic wand.

The second of four planned classes that’ll be available to play as in Citadel, the Khukuri Shaman is a mage in the first degree. She has a catalog of spells that can be used to make the enemy go all ‘splody, or to heal (or strengthen) allies and even herself.

Sacred Citadel is being developed by Keen Games and should be available some time next year for the Xbox 360 and PS3. And this is no ‘side story’ by the way, as Citadel will be a direct prolog to the forthcoming Sacred 3 action/RPG. Now that’s pretty cool.

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  • I wasn't interested in this at first – after all, what I loved about Sacred 2 was how massive and open the game was.

    Changing my mind quickly though, this looks ace.

  • And it flows right in to S3. Not that I'm sure how that's going to happen mind you, but it's just cool knowing that Citadel isn't a one off.

  • Lmfao looks like something that would be released 30 years ago.. I can’t believe you abandoned portal knights for 4 years to make this “game” in 2023. Lmfao a side scroller lol. Absolutely no one plays side scrollers. You never should’ve let PK slip away.. best thing you had going for you and most likely ever will have going for you. Can pick PK up any time. We’re here waiting..

      • To make this even more amusing, Portal Knights came out in 2016. Four years after this news story was written.

        And this isn’t even getting into the fact that “side scrollers” have been very much alive and well for a very long time indeed, and still are in 2022. But why let facts get in the way of a good Gamerzzz Rant?

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