Team Awesome is bringing the ‘awesome’ to your iOS things

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The Edis Brothers, known for their hit apps like Diversionand Crazy Snowboarding are back and at it once again, but this time around their bringing a whole lot of ‘awesome’ with them. Team Awesome features four ordinary people, who once had ordinary dead-end jobs – until one day a meteor collided with Earth and made everything… Awesome!

 In case you’ve not already guessed, Team Awesome doesn’t take itself too seriously and it’s out to keep you laughing in a side-scrolling runner-styled gameplay that’s definitely notan ‘endless runner.’ Instead, you’ll take on multiple platforming challenges in 40 comic book inspired episodes that will have you flying through the air, jumping on robots, colliding with speeding hovercraft trains and well, a whole lot of other crazy things that are not only fun, but funny to do.
Here at Digitally Downloaded, we’ve already gotten our hands on Team Awesome and we can say that you need to start saving up your pennies for when the iOS (and Android) Marketplace gets a whole lot more awesome on November 29th, 2012. Chances are, you’ve can probably find a measly $0.99 under your sofa cushions, or under your bed, or maybe your dog ate it, which means that you need to, err…  
Oh, did we mention that it’s also fully narrated by the Duke Nukem guy, Jon St. Jon?!
Make sure you checkout the absolutely hysterical launch video for Team Awesome before you go: 

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