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Xbox Smartglass has officially debuted on Apple devices- just in time for Halo 4.

Hot on the heels of the Windows Phone 8 and Android versions of the software, Microsoft has completed the circuit and launched on iOS.

Smartglass works by syncing with your Xbox 360 through your Xbox Live account and effectively turns your tablet into a second input device for the console. I tried it out briefly and I can tell you it works great as far as navigating the dashboard (either directly on the tablet screen or on your TV), sending messages, and checking out what your Live buddies are up to. Just from having this small taste, I’m pretty interested in seeing what Smartglass might be able to do with a gaming environment.

I have yet to try it with a game, but Smartglass’ features will be worked into some future titles (which I’m sure will become ‘most’ future titles if it actually works) to provide for more in game content and some extra stuff that normally might not make it into the main title.

Xbox Smartglass is a universal app and you can grab it on the App Store right here.

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