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The excellent iOS endless runner based on the classic Pitfall title is getting a dose of free content in the form of Relic Rush mode, some new odds ‘n ends, and a satchel full of fixes.

Relic Rush is the real meat and potatoes in the new update, which is actually called the Relic Rush Update. The addition adds a dozen new timed levels that challenge the player to grab as many diamonds as possible (each course has 32) under the time limit. Helping out in that regard will be the new Burst Tonic which will “give Pitfall!™ Harry a much needed edge in the dangerous Trials courses.”

There’s also a new tonic in the ‘Anti-Venom’ and a whole load of bug fixes and balancing improvements. And lastly, clothes make the man with Relic Rush.

Harry’s outfits now have a definite purpose as they boost his abilities if the right one is worn on the right day. I’m not entirely sure what that means but I assume the game will prompt you as to what set of duds to don on any given Sunday (or whatever day for that matter).

Pitfall!™ Harry’s outfits now have powers. Wear the right outfit on the right day and the jungle spirits will give him a boost! Players will earn more experience and gain adventurer levels faster. Also, more bugs have been squashed and balancing has been improved!

Not bad for ‘free’ huh? The full game is available now on the App store (right here) and is also free.

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