Old school dungeon crawl Eliminage Original released on PSP

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Formerly a Japanese import, Eliminage Original harkens back to a time when RPG’s were hand drawn and turn based.

Well this is a pretty heaping helping of nostalgia served up just in time for Thanksgiving… in the US anyway. I remember a game on the Turbografx specifically that ate up a ton of my life- looked very similar to Eliminage Original.

In effort to purge the land of Halodra Ille from this evil, players will lead their party members down into the cold blackness of dungeons, through slimy bogs, around crumbling towers of ancient ruins, and across forests where the naked and wiry branches of dead trees are so thick that they block out the sky above. With stunning hand drawn artwork, and boasting 12 races and 16 customizable characters to choose from, players will engage in classic turn-based RPG combat against swarms of vile monsters and twisted beasts so gigantic that they fill the entire screen! Steel and magic will only take players so far; they must also put faith in their ability to navigate through labyrinthine maps! Only those who know how to fuse their keen sense of direction with their strategic battle plans will come out alive.

Eliminage is looking like a serious treat for PSP players jonsing for a little dungeon crawling. The game boasts 12 dungeons overall, 200 some odd baddies to fight, over 150 spells to conjure and nearly 600 items to play with on your virtual travels.

Eliminage Original is available now on the PSN for play on the PSP and will cost you $14.99 USD.

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