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Yes, that most requested feature in Minecraft has finally been delivered for the handful who’ve asked for it. 

Actually, ‘handful’ might be pushing it. 
In any event, Ubisoft has crafted a map and texture pack for Minecraft on the PC (sorry iOS and XBLA fans) that grafts the look of their upcoming shooter Far Cry 3 onto the game.
The set was created by the trio of Michael Lambert (a Minecraft enthusiast), Axel Janssen, and Yohann Delcourt. It features locations and characters like Vaas, Jason, and Citra from the game as well as a ton of hidden items and secrets. And maybe most importantly, it’ll be free and downloadable from the Far Cry website starting on October 26th. 
So mark your calendar and go grab it if you’re into Minecrafting, tropical locales, fighting lunatics, or any combination of the three. 

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  • Seriously, I need to give someone at Ubisoft a hive-five some time. Officially ditching its DRM, having the most varied range of games coming out in the next few months, and now this. From where I'm sitting, Ubisoft is really on a streak of win.

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