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We hope anyway. Nintendo has scheduled a ‘Nintendo Direct’ presentation this Thursday to take a “closer look” at the console.

Starting at 10am Eastern (7am Pacific and 3:00 in the afternoon in the UK), the presentation is being billed as a ‘Wii U preview’ and will be streamed to fans across the world from the Nintendo Direct site.

What are we going to find out about the console? Who knows, but I’d be pretty happy with a release date of some kind. The Wii U is scheduled to go on sale (presumably globally) this Holiday season, but as of yet there has been no announcement of the actual date.

I’m sure that alone would make more than a few of the Nintendo faithful very happy… Come to think of it, that (and the pricing) just might make a few retailers very happy too as pre-orders could finally start up.

Stay tuned fans.

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