RAW is the Xbox Live Update

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It’s a nice week for original (and unoriginal) arcade titles on Xbox Live with Jet Set Radio, Fire Pro Wrestling (!), and RAW- Realms of Ancient War all landing on the service.

The other two games you probably know, but have you heard of RAW? It kind of appeared from out of the digital fog for me and I’m glad it did. Developer Wizrbox’ Realms of Ancient War doesn’t mince words when it promises ‘violent battles, magic, and loot’. Nice. This Diablo-esque title is packing some excellent looking graphics too; definitely one to watch.

Now Jet Set appears to be exactly as you remember it- addictive taggin’ and skatin’ action… Fire Pro Wrestling on the other hand, well- it’s an Avatar game. When I first saw the listing I got all amped for some old school rasslin action, but it’s most definitely throwing me off having big-headed Avatars grappling in the game’s squared circle. Just odd…

Other than that mismatched trio; there’s a great sale on Deus Ex DLC, a little demo for a game called Resident Evil 6 is out, and the Borderlands 2 Season Pass is now available too. Oh! And don’t forget that Rock Band track sale is still raging!

So what are you waiting for- get to scrolling and/or clicking.



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