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Two new classes were unveiled in today’s new trailer for Lukewarm Media’s bitin’, shootin’, multiplayer FPS- Primal Carnage. 

Speed. Power. Smarts. Agility. The Raptor class truly has it all and is the ultimate hunter. It can dart quickly through the jungle, creep from bush to bush, leap between rooftops, and generally run circles around its prey. The greatest challenge the Raptor faces is figuring out how to approach its target and get up close to do damage, as it’s relatively small body can’t take too much damage.

Consummately cool under pressure, the Trapper is all about control. Dinos may have sharp teeth and claws, but without their mobility they are nothing; and that’s where the Trapper and his Netgun come into play as a well-aimed net can stop most dinosaurs in their tracks. When dealing damage is preferred, the Trapper whips out dual pistols – but be wary when going against several dinos at once as the Trapper is best when supportting other Mercenaries.

This game looks absolutely bonkers. Between all the flamethrowers and the gigantic dinos chomping on everyone, Primal Carnage is just nuts.

Take note in the video when the raptors start jumping on everybody. It’s pretty awesome to see a bunch of guys playing as raptors just laying in wait till a squad of mercs comes charging in- then WHAM. Lunch time.

Find out more about Primal Carnage, which is coming soon, on the game’s official site- here.

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