Rainbow Moon now up for grabs in our Frequent Flyer program

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EastAsiaSoft, the wonderful indie developer behind the newest PSN sensation, Rainbow Moon, has become the newest sponsor of our Frequent Flyer Rewards program.

There are three US codes for Rainbow Moon available, for 7,000 points a piece. The good news is that the PS3 is region free, so if you’re not based in the US, simply set up a new account and download the game. You’ll then be able to play it on your “main” account.

Really, if you are a fan of lengthy, high quality RPGs, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of this game.

Thank you, as always, for supporting us. We hope you’re all enjoying the Frequent Flyers program! 🙂

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  • I don't really care for the rewards, but it's nice devs are sending them for your program. I just feel it's a rat race to post as much as possible to claim first rights to prizes.

  • I don't think so, Phil. The quality of the comments is the same (and the community guidelines still apply). That there's more of them means there's more discussions going on. That's a good thing 🙂

    I'll try hard to make sure we get some rewards that you are interested in next! 😀

  • I have to say – I was looking at buying this. I will probably hold off now. As long as comments stay consistently good, I think this is a nice offering by the site. And hopefully, it will generate some extra traffic too.

  • Hi Chalgyr – it should be showing up for you – it's up there as the second most 'expensive' reward – should be listed next to Crusader Kings II

  • I'm just pessimistic occasionally. Don't worry about me! And I'm picky anyway towards gaming tastes. You probably already know that. hehe
    But if you somehow get Ys Origin on there, I'm your man!

  • Ah, there it is. Could have sworn it didn't show this morning, but maybe there was something odd going on with my browser at the time. Or as Coffee with Games might say, maybe i just hadn't had enough (any) coffee by then and missed it outright. 😉 Thanks

  • This is an amazing Idea I wish it would catch on with all the major gaming sites but I do think that this will motivate me to come here daily to check my gaming news

  • I just read the how to guide for this game then watched a bunch of videos and I am so hooked on rainbow moon, if i dont earn it soon il prob just buy it but if i do il keep comin here cuz there is sure some great articles on this site, check em out

  • Thank you for all your comments – and I'm really glad you found us 🙂

    We hope we're able to keep giving you good stuff to comment on – and games worth playing to earn as rewards!

    And yea, Rainbow Moon is essential for anyone who likes RPGs, I'd say.

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