Frequent Flyer Rewards falls under the sway of mighty Cthulhu

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I’m really glad to see so many of you have responded so positively to our Frequent Flyer rewards program. It’s all for you, our loyal readers! And now there’s a real indie masterpiece up for grabs.

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land is so good it won our iOS game of the year in our awards earlier this year. Red Wasp Design has been kind to offer five copies for redemption.

The prize will set you back 2000 points – a real bargain! Best of all, you’ll be able to choose either the PC or iOS version of the game, depending how you like to play your games.

Thank you very much to Red Wasp for the kind gesture, and good luck to everyone!

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  • Also one of the titles I had been watching for awhile. I really can't complain about the various titles being offered up so far (then again, it's free – so complaining would just be silly, no?)

  • I have to play it on PC. bought it as soon as it came out on Indiecity (that Intel AppUp thingie does not work with Vista). should have waited for it to get released on Gamersgate, though. now I have another annoying client on my computer.

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