Pandora’s Tower: A special mention for a special retail game

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As most people who follow me know already, I hated the Japanese version of Pandora’s Tower with a passion. Having now played the English version, this has got to be the first time I’ve done a complete backflip in opinion, but I absolutely loved the experience. It’s still a bad game, as such, but it’s a bittersweet-beautiful game and by far the best experience of the Project Rainfall “trilogy.”

I know it’s not a downloadable game, but our readers survey (thanks to everyone that filled it in, if you haven’t yet, please do!) indicated that we have a lot of Nintendo fans here. Please go check out my review on Otaku Gaming. I think it’ll clarify what I mean much better.

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  • Generally it seems like this one got worse reviews than Xenoblade and Last Story.  I'd like to eventually nab all 3 – but well, I need to win the lotto so I can just play games instead of dealing with that pesky 'work' thing. 🙂

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