Like Square Enix music? Go stream it now. 24/7

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I’m not going to write much about this, because the following link is completely, 100 per cent awesome and speaks for itself:

Square Enix music streaming. All day. Every day.

As Peter Griffin would say: Roadhouse.

Go enjoy! And if you haven’t had the chance yet; there’s Nier music there and Nier is the best game soundtrack ever.

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  • So awesome! Unfortunately there's something weird going on for me – whenever I try to load the music it appears to be playing but I can't hear anything 🙁 (and yes, my sound is on) Ah, technology :/

  • Fingers crossed for an iPad/ iPhone app soon! And for your computer to start working for it, of course 🙂

  • Hmm, It's returning an odd page with Japanese I can't read, but there doesn't appear to be anything to interact with.  I probably have most of these soundtracks myself already, but for those who don't – hopefully this fires up because there has been some incredible music from them over the years.

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