Mount & Blade Napoleonic era? Yes please!

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Some awesome news on the Mount & Blade front: a big DLC expansion is taking the game and plonking it in the Napoleonic era.

That means artillery and some of the most famous battles in history are about to come to the superb open-world style of gameplay that we loved in the Mount & Blade Warband and its existing DLC expansions.

The developers have worked hard to make it all look authentic, with realistic uniforms and a stylish rendition of Europe.

Naturally the big-scale multiplayer returns too, with 250-a-side battles and 220 different units to choose from.

If you’re haven’t played one of these games before, here’s a good time to get into it. Elder Scrolls fans especially should get a kick out of this one.

It’s worth noting that there is already a mod that does essentially what this DLC is doing. The advantages in investing in this dirt-cheap DLC, then? 1) It’s official and 2) You’ll be supporting whatever brilliant next project this team has in mind.

Enjoy the trailer!

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