Mini Putt Park comes to FaceBook

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Whatever you think of FaceBook gaming as a platform, titles just keep coming. Majesco’s Mini Putt Park, to it’s credit, actually looks pretty fun.

Mini Putt is the first social platform game that’s been developed internally by the company and will be a FaceBook exclusive (yes, we’ve come to that) when it debuts sometime in the next few weeks.

The game allows players to build their own mini golf course, either from their imagination or their own favorite real life course. They can then compete with their friends for mini supremacy and earn experience points that will allow for more course upgrades and bonuses.

Some of the stuff you’ll be able to do:

  • Deep Customization: Build and customize every hole of our own designed courses – with Mini Putt Park you’re in control of crafting and creating your own mini putt course to share with friends and family from all over the world!
  • Social Integration: Play on courses built by your friends. Send them the ultimate smack talk by becoming King of the Course on your friends’ home turf, then challenge them to beat your record.  
  • Putter Island: Take on over a dozen bosses on Putter Island, each unique and full of character.
  • Exclusive in-game items: With hundreds of items to unlock or purchase there is always something new to add to your course, including dastardly devious course traps, peripheral buildings to add additional character to your course, tons of unique decorations and much more!

Look for a public beta to pop up in mid-April, or click right here and go to the Mini Putt site.

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  • It looks sort of fun and building your own course has a lot of appeal… but I keep wondering- who plays these games on a regular basis? Then again, I thought the same thing about Farmville and that was pretty big. 

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