Konami outlines Neverdead DLC

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Konami’s newest title, Neverdead, hasn’t exactly been a smash hit at retail. Still you have to had it to the publisher as they’re set to support it just the same.

On February 21st, the aptly titled Neverdead Expansion Pack vol 1 will launch on the PSN and Xbox Live. Bryce Boltzman fans, get ready for some new online content with some new challenges, additional content, and a brand new playable (co-op) character.

Highlights of the NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 1 include:
-New Character: Play as the fashionable, charismatic pop-idol, Nikki Summerfield in cooperative challenges with your friends through online multiplayer.
– Three New Gameplay Challenges – Revisit an expanded Asylum level with 3 all-new challenges:

– Egg Hunt: Scour the expanded Asylum level for collectibles scoring points by delivering them to designated “Score Zones.” Make sure to hold on tight to your collectibles as opponents can snatch any that you drop along the way. With enemy ambush points and environmental hazards at every turn, this challenge is tricky!
– Fragile Alliance: A competitive race through a number of checkpoints spread across the map. You can interrupt other player’s progress by attacking each other. The increase of environmental hazards and enemy spawn points will keep you on your toes.
– Onslaught: Unlock the entire Asylum level section-by-section by defeating all enemies.. Demon-seals that block off areas will dissipate as you defeat enemies from the previous area, providing more-controlled player movement and encounters.
– Two Additional Character Costumes: Dress Bryce up in these new costumes before going back into the online fray.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued by Neverdead. It just has that ‘quirky fun’ vibe to it. Totally different story if it’s legitimately not all that great, but I’d hate to see it be glossed over just because it’s not exactly of the blockbuster variety.

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