The 24 Games of Christmas! Day #6; The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX

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Seeing green and red? It must be Christmas!

Every year the world patiently (or not-so-patiently) counts down those 24 days to Christmas; there’s even calendars filled with little treats to help keep the young ones patient.

Then the big day rolls around and it’s filled with great food, great company and, of course, presents.

Christmas is the best time of year, and so to do our bit in celebrating we’re doing our own advent calendar. Each day we’ll unveil another game that has touched us in some way over the year – whether because it’s a work of interactive art, laugh-out-loud funny or just so weird it blew our mind.

So be sure to check back each day for a new game suggestion to fill your Christmas break!

19 Days to Go! The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX

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Alright, so technically this game is from 1993, but it just came to the 3DS Virtual Console this year. Sporting coloured visuals rather than the greyscale original, it does a fine job of standing out from the crowd.
More importantly, while each Zelda title offers a slightly different spin on the age-old formula, Link’s Awakening may very well be the most charming of them all (at least where the handheld games are concerned). Rather than saving Zelda and vanquishing the Gerudo king, it’s more about exploring the unique locale of Koholint Island and coming to appreciate the charmingly eccentric villagers. The dungeons and puzzles are easier than ever to figure out, but there are enough secrets to discover that you won’t be bored easily.
As of this writing, the Virtual Console isn’t exactly voluminous, so picking this up should be a no-brainer for 3DS owners. It’s affordable and ultimately an ideal starting point for newcomers to the franchise. 

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