Reminder: Get Binged on Xbox 360

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Starting on December 6th (that’s tomorrow for everybody caught up in the Holiday haze), Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the new dashboard interface. Coming along with all the enhancements is a little more Bing for your buck.

That’s right, the Bing search engine will be setting up shop on your console for the foreseeable future to better assist you with all your searching needs.

With Bing on Xbox you can now sort through all of your entertainment content – including movies, games, TV shows, apps and music – with just the sound of your voice.  Beginning December 6th and in the coming months, voice search with Bing on Xbox will start to roll out, enabling you to easily find the entertainment you’re looking for, across: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Comcast Xfinity on Demand, HBO Go, Zune and more across Xbox LIVE. 

The voice search is a pretty awesome little feature, no doubt about that one- all you need to do to find something is say: ‘Xbox, Bing…’ then just fill in the blank. Very cool, futuristic stuff- and it’ll be interesting to see what more is yet to come since Microsoft seems to be headed in the audio/visual input direction for it’s console lineup. The possibilities for the neXtbox are intriguing to say the least…

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