The 24 Games of Christmas! Day #14: Vanguard Bandits

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Seeing green and red? It must be Christmas!

Every year the world patiently (or not-so-patiently) counts down those 24 days to Christmas; there’s even calendars filled with little treats to help keep the young ones patient.

Then the big day rolls around and it’s filled with great food, great company and, of course, presents.

Christmas is the best time of year, and so to do our bit in celebrating we’re doing our own advent calendar. Each day we’ll unveil another game that has touched us in some way over the year – whether because it’s a work of interactive art, laugh-out-loud funny or just so weird it blew our mind.

So be sure to check back each day for a new game suggestion to fill your Christmas break!

11 Days to Go! Vanguard Bandits

It’s time to get a little bit retro. Vanguard Bandits is a game you probably haven’t played before – in fact, this is such an obscure PS1 game that you may never have even heard of it before.

Thanks to retro publisher, MonkeyPaw Games, you’ve got a chance to play it again through the PSN, and it’s just great. This strategy RPG might not hit the lofty production values of a Final Fantasy Tactics game, but it has a lot of heart, and plenty of replay value thanks to multiple routes through the story.

Plus, it has robots. Lots of robots. We all love robots, right?

So in the lead up to Christmas, makes sure you remember your gaming roots. Discovering a forgotten classic for the first time is a brilliant way to do that.

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