Sony unveils UMD migration process for PSP to Vita

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If you’ve got plenty of UMDs sitting around for your PSP, you’ll be glad to know that Sony has your back when it comes time to pick up your Vita. It’s not a free service though – you may have to pay up to ¥1000* depending on the title being transferred.

If you’re not fluent in Japanese, this image essentially means you’ll need to take a few steps to get your games moved over. Download and run the UMD registration app on your PSP with your game inserted, register the game to your PlayStation Network account, then purchase the game directly from your Vita. Games can only be linked to one PSN account. We don’t yet know that all UMD games can be migrated, but here’s hoping the majority can be.

Is that extra cost justifiable? That’s debatable, but it could be argued that your money ensures you’re not just borrowing games from your friends and cloning them. Additionally, there will be new control options and some are reporting use of the second analogue stick.

*Keep in mind that we don’t know the pricing for other regions yet, so providing a monetary equivalent would probably be inaccurate

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