Gameloft’s having a killer year

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Gameloft’s accountants are happy folks.

The digital download specialist developer/ publisher has had a massive year so far. Compared to the same three quarters of last year, Gameloft’s nine month sales total, is €117.4 million, up 16 per cent.

The first quarter was the best for the publisher (a 20 per cent increase), but the last quarter was no slouch, at 17 per cent.

The biggest growth was in smart phones and tablets, which accounted for 34 per cent of Gameloft’s third quarter sales, and grew by 60 per cent.

The publisher expects the growth to continue for the final quarter of the year (to be reported in February 2012).

Mind you, none of this mentions how profitable Gameloft is. Still, it’s likely that Gameloft is well poised for the immediate future.

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