Frozen Synapse is coming to iPad!

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One of our favourite games this year over at Digitally Downloaded is Frozen Synapse – the quick-fix but highly strategic tactical strategy game with a very strong (and compelling) multiplayer focus.

And now the game is iPad bound in 2012. Given that the game itself would be perfect for those 10 minute down times on trains or buses, the only thing that had been holding us back is that carrying around a laptop is so last year.

So this news is basically heaven. Frozen Synapse has been a bona fide indie hit, with 300,000 sales on PC, Mac and Linux, and we expect the success to continue on the iPad.

Oh, and the developers, Mode 7, haven’t forgotten their PC fans. They’re looking to find ways of expanding their original game in the New Year.

It’s going to be a good 2012.

To read us rave on about just how awesome this game is, check out our full review:

To check out the game in action, here’s some battles between the Digitally Downloaded staff:

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