Digital sales will overtake retail in 2015

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1,000 professionals were recently surveyed at the London Games Conference. Over 57 per cent believe digital sales will overtake retail sales.

The question was simple: in which year will digital sales overtake boxed products? While only 3 per cent believe it will happen this year (well, it won’t), the numbers escalate quickly. The full breakdown:

· 2011 3%
· 2012 13%
· 2013 23%
· 2014 18%
· 2015 19%
· 2016 8%
· 2017 1%
· 2018 7%
· 2019 1%
· 2020 4%
· 2025 3%

With the early success of OnLive and the continued push by the big publishers to get on board the digital revolution, we believe that 2015 prediction is a fair one.

And while we hate to kick a man while he’s down. Nintendo, you might want to fix that eShop soon.

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